100 hectares of vineyards and 50 years of experience combined with continuous attention to the latest technologies.

Vigna Dogarina - Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine is a wine-producing company dedicated to quality wines, where the utmost attention to every single detail, from managing the work in the vineyard right up to bottling, enables to achieve excellent standards.

A solid wine-making experience, combined with the use of the most modern technologies, allows Vigna Dogarina - Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine to produce modern and elegant wines; wines which are the maximum expression of its territory, in an area that is rich in history with important cities such as Venice and Treviso.

Thanks to its photovoltaic system, the company is able to cover its entire energy needs, minimizing emissions while fully respecting the environment.

As of August 2016 the management of Vigna Dogarina was acquired by the Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine, the undisputed wine-making protagonist in the eastern Veneto area, thus becoming the flagship of the most important cooperative group in the area.



Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine is one of the most important realities in the national wine scene, with over 2,000 associated producers, 4,500 hectares of vineyards and 9 wineries in the provinces of Venice and Treviso, where roughly 60,000,000 kg of grapes are produced each year.
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